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What Our Customers Say

Light bright LED collar

I got a green light up collar for my baby girl Sophie and so far I love it. When she’s taking her night time restroom break I can see her easily through the window. Sometime she breaks loose on our night walks but now I can see exactly where she’s heading off to.

Calming pet bed

My wife and I decided to get the calm plushy pet bed for Tucker. Normally, when we get home he’s already scratching at the door, but ever since we got the bed he’s just laying there comfortably when we come back home.

Rainbow leash

I’m a part of the LGBTQ community so I got this leash for my pup Precious during pride. I thought it would be nice for special occasions but eventually I started using it almost every day. It’s great.

Tufftire Dog Toy

Me and Andy usually play catch outside when I get off work but lately it’s been way too hot. I got this toy for him and we’ve been playing a lot of tug-of-war indoors. Sometimes he gets super hyper and we still have to go outside for a little bit for his zoomies lol but I do like having the option of playing with him inside too.

Red hamburger t-shirt

I bought this T-shirt for my pug Rufus and it’s so cute on him, he’s kinda chunky so the hamburger is perfect.

Pet Scarves

Got the yellow scarf for my chihuahua Daisy. It covers her neck from the sun and looks cute. I want the pink one for her too but it’s sold out right now.

Portable pet water bottle

It’s very hot here in Arizona so I keep the doggy water bottle full every time I go out with Bandit.